Our Philosophy
Finding the right reseller for your company...
The DataWest Group® is one accounting software reseller in a sea of many. Are resellers all the same? What are some of the things you should be looking for in a reseller? How can you get the lowest price for Sage 100 ERP? This page is designed to offer straight-forward advice in choosing a reseller who best suits your needs, as well as convey our personal approach as a Sage 100 ERP reseller.

If you do some comparison-shopping around the Internet, you will find some astounding sales pitches, including one site that boasts Sage 100 ERP Standard prices at 70% less than suggested list prices. Be wary of the websites who “deep discount” Sage 100 ERP Standard. These sites often do not list a phone number, address, or any other information regarding their own company on their website. These sites are designed to take orders through email or a phone number set up for orders only. This is important to consider if you receive questionable software that does not have the backing of the manufacturer. The fact is there are companies selling Sage 100 ERP, who are not authorized by the manufacturer, Sage Software. Where they are getting their software, we have no clue, but we do know it’s not directly from Sage. The truth is authorized dealers may only publish the suggested list prices of the software. Having said that, and with the competitive nature of the Internet, we will aggressively price our software to compete with any legitimate quote.

Does your staff really need to be trained? For accounting systems with the scope of Sage 100 ERP, we recommend to have your staff trained before using these systems. Having your employees properly trained from the beginning will undoubtedly save time and money in the long run. We discuss our own style of training and consultation in the training section of our website. We strongly believe our personalized approach is the most effective, but we are sensitive to each client’s preferences. If it’s classroom training you need, we can recommend an authorized Sage Training Center in your area. If you so choose, we will even make the arrangements for you.

Technical Support.
It is inevitable that along the line you will have procedural questions or technical issues regarding your software. You, as a prospective client, should find a reseller who will be attentive to your needs and who will return your support calls as quickly as possible. We have found this to be the major gripe with clients who have signed on with us after using another reseller. We are committed to answering all calls as they come in. If we are not able to take a call immediately, we will return the call promptly.

So are all resellers the same? We don’t think so. Each one has a philosophy and agenda. When selecting a reseller, you must consider what issues are important to your company. In most service industries, the companies who are most successful are the ones who realize the level of attention they deliver to their clients is what sets them apart. The DataWest Group strives to offer the most complete package of personalized service to our clients. We want them to count on us as a resource from presales through installation and beyond. We want to be there when they have questions or problems with their software. We think this commitment to our clients is what sets us apart.


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