SAGE 100 ERP Advanced

If your company is large or growing and has high transaction volume and/or wide area network requirements, then the client/server version of our software is for you. Sage 100 ERP Advanced is available for either the Microsoft SQL Server relational database platform or a high performance b-tree file system.

Key Features
  • Thin-Client Architecture - Sage 100 ERP Advanced takes advantage of the latest Internet and intranet-compatible, thin-client architecture. This architecture delivers top performance in WAN and remote access environments, as well as delivering data at top speed on your local network.
  • Designed for wide Area Networks (WANs) and Remote Access Environments - Sage 100 ERP Advanced is ideal for multi-site businesses because it is optimized for remote access environments. In fact, Sage 100 ERP Advanced utilizes Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology to securely connect accounting and bookkeeping departments from various remote offices across the Internet. By taking advantage of VPN technology, you can significantly reduce the expensive data transport costs associated with a dedicated line. Sage 100 ERP Advanced is also compatible with Citrix and Windows Terminal Services, although these products are not required to enable Sage 100 ERP Advanced over a WAN.
  • Optimized for TCP/IP - Sage 100 ERP Advanced provides fast, reliable TCP/IP connectivity to facilitate file and resource sharing over the network.
  • Performance - The client/server engine performs smoothly even during peak transaction processing and even with a large number of accounting users.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity - A critical benefit of thin client architecture is an overall reduction in network traffic. Lower traffic can increase reliability and data integrity systemwide.


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