Custom Programming
Customizing Sage 100 ERP to your company needs.

We believe in simple and affordable solutions. If a custom Crystal Report works - Great! If only a Visual Integrator job is needed, perfect. If Microsoft Access programming is required, let's code. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that is custom fit to your needs and all at a great price.

Here is our roadmap to finding you a simple and affordable solution:
  • Can we do it in Sage 100 ERP?
    Customizing Sage 100 ERP is often the easiest solution. With Custom Office and Visual Integrator, this option can also be the most inexpensive. In Sage 100 ERP, we can add new fields to selected modules, customize existing reports, create a simple data import or export, and even add a little coding via VBScript.

  • What about Visual Integrator or Crystal Reports?
    Most customizations are about getting data in or out of the accounting system. The best tools for these jobs are Visual Integrator and Crystal Reports. Though both tools are available in Sage 100 ERP, more complex modifications may require creating a report from scratch or light data processing in MS Access before importing into ERP. For more information on the different custom reports available, please click here.

  • Does an Extended Solution exist?
    Sage Software provides prebuilt customizations for Sage 100 ERP called Extended Solutions. At this point in our roadmap, this option may be the quickest solution at a reasonable cost. Please visit Extended Solutions or call us at 800-631-6350 to see if an Extended Solution meets your requirements.

  • Let's talk Access.
    Microsoft Access is a simple yet powerful tool that provides a database solution, form design, and a programming platform all in one popular software. That is why we recommend using MS Access to our clients for custom programming. With Access, we can parse data to create Crystal Reports with more elaborate formatting, sort information for detailed invoice line importing via Visual Integrator, or create a custom module outside of Sage 100 ERP to custom fit your needs.*

But before we can see how our roadmap works for you, let us discuss your company's needs. Please contact us at 800-631-6350.

* We only design in Microsoft Access 2007/2003/XP/2000.
We only support Sage MAS 90/200 v4.10 and above.


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