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Sage provides hidden programs to fix common issues. Two main programs to run are:

ARWAR4 – At times when you are entering in Cash Receipts and you see an invoice with an amount posted that should not be there, use ARWAR4 to clear the amount posted field. Make sure all users are out of AR before running this program.

GLWSKA – This is for the messages: 'Check printing in progress' or 'Bank Code in use' when printing checks. These messages occur when a field in the bank code table is locked and needs to be reset by running this program. Make sure all users are out of bank-related process, mainly GL, AP, and BR.

To run the programs, go to File->Run and type in the program name (ARWAR4 or GLWSKA) into the field, click OK, and follow the prompts.

Common messages

Only Deferred shows in Printers list when printing reports – Unless there are no printers set up on your workstation (Control Panel -> Printers), this is typically a networking issue. Make sure you have the security access to the Reports folder in the MAS90 folder (as well as the Reports folders in the MAS_XXX company data folders).

Cannot Open Activation Key File - No Valid Activation Found – If you properly entered your system registration and still get this message, then you have a security access issue. All MAS users need to be able to read and write to this file: Mas90\Home\Lib\Keys\Activate.pvx.

The wrong version of Crystal Reports is installed on this workstation. Please re-run Workstation Setup – This message occurs when you have multiple Crystal versions installed on your system and something is wrong in the Windows registry. To fix the issue, run Workstation Setup as mentioned in the prompt. Be sure to first uninstall the MAS workstation before reinstalling the program to ensure the registry is updated.

Missing Modules and Tasks Panel – By default, users have a modules and tasks panel on the left, listing the MAS modules for easier navigation. At times this panel disappears. To make the panel visible, go to View menu and make sure Auto Hide Tasks is not checked while Detail View and Show Tasks are checked. If the Modules and Tasks Panel is disconnected from the Sage MAS Business Desktop, double-click the top of the Modules and Tasks panel and it should reappear in the business desktop.

Error Messages

When an error occurs, you will be given three options:
Retry – Will attempt to rerun the process.
Info – Opens a new window that provides information regarding the error, including error number, program name, line number, key, file name, and file description.
End – Terminate the process.

Here are some more common error message numbers we encountered for data entry:
Error 47 – Substring out of range
Error 105 – Short key block
Error 106 – Bad key block
Error 11 – Missing record or field

To fix these errors you can either use Data File Display and Maintenance to remove the bad record or run the Rebuild utilities on the data entry files. Please be sure to back up the table that will be modified in case of unexpected results. The rebuild utilities are run in this order: Rebuild Key Files, Analyze and Relink Files, and Rebuild Sort Files. If you are unsure of which tables to rebuild or which records to remove, please call us for support at 800-631-6350.

Here are some common error message numbers for networking:
Error 12 – Missing file or file does not exist
Error 14 – Invalid file type

Both messages are normally either security access issues or the operating system has locked onto a MAS table. Generally, for security access issues, make sure you have read/write access to the MAS90 folder. If the OS has locked a MAS file, for Sage MAS 90 you would need to reboot the server. For Sage MAS 200, first try restarting the MAS 200 service, if that does not work, reboot the server as well. Another thing to watch out for is your virus scanner locking the MAS tables. This happens occasionally and can be fixed by excluding the MAS90 folder from the paths scanned by your virus scanner.

*The solutions are provided for Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 version 4.10 and above.


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