MAS Shortcuts
Sage 100 ERP Shortcut Keys
(Ctrl+P to print)

Keys Icon Functions
F1 Displays help text for the current field
Shift+F1 Selects the 'Help' button (displays help text for the form)
F2 Displays the 'Lookup' window for the current field (magnifying glass icon)
F3 Displays the 'Navigator' search window for the current field (flashlight icon)
F4 Displays the 'Print' dialog
Ctrl+F5 Gets the first record
Ctrl+F6 Gets the previous record
Ctrl+F7 Gets the next record
Ctrl+F8 Gets the last record

MAS screens also has certain numbers or letters underlined, like ‘7. Transactions’ or ‘Contacts’ in Customer Maintenance. This means you can use ALT+[number or letter] to go to that panel or open that dialog. For instance, entering ALT+7 in Customer Maintenance will go to the transactions panel.


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